Topic: Best Practices: Using multiple Plupload


I have an old HTML Form with many fields. I want to convert some "Input File" fields into Plupload fields.

How should I handle that situation ?

1. Creating a "new plupload.Uploader" for each upload fields or list of upload fields.

2. Creating only one  "new plupload.Uploader" and handle many shim.


- In case 1) how upload is performed ? Is there a global queue cross Uploader ? Or did each Uploader perform it's upload alone without telling others ?

- In case 2) is there a way to define more than one "browse_button" and more than one "drop_element" to handle many fields ?


I would like to use only one queued request to handle all upload (because there is non need to open many request). And I want to handle many upload spot because there is many upload fields.

Is there best practices on this subjet ?