Topic: CakePHP/Query String/Post vs. Get

First off, I just discovered Plupload, and it is amazing! Thank you for a great tool that I hope to learn, use and support more and more!

I am working on an application using CakePHP.

Everything was working, now it is not. I have no idea why, I went to bed and woke up and it was broken. Regardless, here is my problem:

My url is:

url : '/index.php/uploads/process/<folderKey>/<clientFolderKey>'

The problem is that in Firebug I see that Plupload is requesting:


This does not work so well with Cake. This would work fine:


OR, if I could change the input method to POST rather than GET, that would work well too for the callback action.

Can anyone help me with some advice on where to look to alter the callback query string or method?

The most frustrating part is that it was working and something, somewhere has changed. Regardless, any help would be greatly appreciated!