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I am trying to start upload as soon as a file is added to the queue but it doesnt seem to start, everything else in FilesAdded event is run. Firebug outputs no errors either hmm This is not being run inside document ready but rather success of an ajax call, would that make a difference? (jQuery 1.4.2)

            url: ajax_url+'&sa=addbackground',
            success: function(data) {
                var uploader = new plupload.Uploader({
                    runtimes : 'html5,flash,silverlight,gears,browserplus,html4',
                    browse_button : 'upload-button',
                    url : ajax_url+'&sa=upload',
                    max_file_size : '1mb',
                    filters : [
                        {title : "Image files", extensions : "jpg,gif,png"}
                    flash_swf_url : 'Plugins/siggen/js/plupload.flash.swf',
                    silverlight_xap_url : 'Plugins/siggen/js/plupload.silverlight.xap',
                    multi_selection: false
                uploader.bind('FilesAdded', function(up, file) {
                    var listitem='<li id="'+file[0].id+'">'+
                        '<div id="progressbar"></div>'+
                        '<p class="status">Pending</p>'+
                    // start the upload since it's queued and remove the upload button
                uploader.bind('UploadFile', function(up, file) {
                    $('#log li#''p.status').text('Uploading...');
                uploader.bind('UploadProgress', function(up, file) {
                    $('#log li#''p.status').text(file.percent+'%');
                    $("#progressbar").progressbar('value', file.percent);

Also another question, i am currently using swfupload and i only recently found this. In swfupload (flash based uploader) cookies were not sent to the upload page, would the same occur using Plupload? The work around for swfupload was to send the cookie name/value inside the upload url as a get.

Re: Upload wont start

I answered my second question, cookies are indeed sent during upload. However i still cant work out how to start upload upon a file being added to the queue, i did a console.log(uploader.start()); within the FilesAdded event and it returned undefined, is the start() function not created until after the filesadded event?

Re: Upload wont start


Re: Upload wont start

Try adding the events after the init call.