I'd like to modify the jquery ui uploader instead of rebuilding it from scratch. Do you have a non-minimized version for me to play with?

That fixed my problem, but this seems like a worthwhile feature to document in both the .init() and .bind() methods.

(It's not clear to me why differential effects based on binding before and after calling .init() is valuable behavior that we should want since it can lead to confusion, but docs would be a reasonable solution.)

BTW - I'd like to thank you for building a killer product.

Word. I would love an event that is triggered by the clicking of the browse_button. You can capture the click event in gears and html4, but not in Flash and HTMl5, because those guys seem to absorb all clicks and don't pass the click downstream to your button.

So bindable event "BrowseClicked" or something would be delightful for the next release.

I want to place my browse_button outside the pluploadQueue jQuery. I've commented out the button inside the pluploadQueue file and overwritten the line that specifies the button (242: up.settings.browse_button = 'my_button';).

<a href="#" id="my_button">My Button!</a>

This technique works in gears, but not in html4. I can't figure out why, but clicking on my_button doesn't do anything. Any advice?

NB - Ideally, you'd check if I set the value of browse_button so I can put my buttons outside the queue.