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Any other browser works for me. The only child that makes pain is safari 5.1


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If you select multiple files in the HTML5 runtime on http://plupload.com/example_all_runtimes.php all files have size 0 b.
It does only work if you select every single file on its own by hitting "Add files" and select only one file, that gets queued. you can repeat this for all files you want to add and then hit "Start Upload".

I tried it with Windows 7 and Safari 5.1 (7534.50)

Hey, some good news about your mentioned new release?

We decided not to change. But will there be any further changes, or a new release, that the downloadable PLUpload will work again with the new Safari version?

Kind reagrds

Hey come on, no answers?

The link above solved the problem for me too, but now i can only upload single files, if i select multiple files, they become empty. Does anyone else experience this too?

Works for me too, thx.

In Firefox you can. But i can not use your class because i am using a <button>-tag. okay for click i can use border-style : inset , but what shall i use for mouseover???

IE stops these events, if they are from a flash object.

I already kind of solved this problem, actually the only browser with html5 affected is the firefox. Firefox gives the opportunity to trigger MouseEvents to elements. I use

$('#'+uploader.id+'_'+uploader.runtime).attr('onmouseover', simulateEvent(\'mouseover\');');
                $('#'+uploader.id+'_'+uploader.runtime).attr('onclick', 'simulateEvent(\'mousedown\'); simulateEvent(\'mouseup\');');

function simulateEvent(event) {
      var evt = document.createEvent("MouseEvents");
      evt.initMouseEvent(event, true, true, window,
        0, 0, 0, 0, 0, false, false, false, false, 0, null);
      var button = document.getElementById("plupload_button");

But in fact i got an other problem, it seems like a timing issue with flash. If i do the simulateEvent at the end of the uploader.bind('init'.... only html5 is affected. If i do it right after the uploader.init(); only flash is affected.

I tried to do it in the PostInit, because this seems to be to event that is triggered after the runtimes are fully initialized. But i never get the event.

Thanks, but i am using a <button>-tag beyond the shim. So i need something that i can convert to a :hover or :active pseudo-class. Would you trigger the corresponding events to the browse_bottun while you add the browse_button_hover or browse_button_active classes?

Or do you know any solution to this problem to trigger the :hover or :active event while the class (e.g. browse_button_hover) appears?

Hey, what happened here. Is there any option to get to know if the users is over the created layer (html5 / Flash,..) to highlight them?