AFAIK this is currently not possible:

I think the next major release may have this feature.  From comments on the forum I think the next major release is in testing but there is no word yet as to when it will be released.

It depends a bit on whether you are using the UI or jquery widgets, or the core API only.

Here is a very simple example using only the html4 runtime and the core API, once the user selects a single file the upload starts immediately:

I believe there is an example that comes with the version of plupload that shows how to use the flash runtime with the jquery widget to upload to s3.

Look for the s3.php file in the examples/jquery directory in the zip package.

Here are some options:

This Tutorial forum is used for posting tutorials.

I think you will have better luck asking your question in the General Discussion forum:

You can also search the General Discussion forum for "asp" where you will find some discussions related to ASP and plupload.

The short answer to your question though is of course you can use plupload with ASP - but you will have to integrate the plupload components into your project appropriately.  I'd suggest looking at the plupload examples for some ideas on how to do that.

plupload.full.js does not contain the queue or ui code.  The full file is, as you suspected, a concatenation of the six runtimes and the core plupload.js file.  You can check this by just adding up the file sizes for those seven files - the total will be exactly the same as the size of plupload.full.js.

Also if you look at the examples for the queue and the ui you can see that both the plupload.full.js file and the additional queue or ui file are being imported:


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You need to provide more information and details about what you have tried and what the results have been.  Maybe even some code examples?


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Since a lot of small but important changes have been pushed in on github over the last day or two, are their any plans for releasing a new point release with these fixes?

Look at the examples, plupload is not a "drop in" plugin for file upload.  You have to tailor it to suit your own needs.

If you can't work through the examples and determine how to make use of the library with your own code this may not be the upload library for you.


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What runtime is currently being used in Firefox?  I would start by confirming that changing runtimes will fix the problem.

Why can't you sense the browser before you create the object?  That would be the easiest way, then just drop the problematic runtime if it's running in Firefox, initialise the Uploader and carry on as usual.


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I don' t have to deal with large files for my application so I'm not too familiar with the state of affairs in the current release.  I know that really big files require special handling:

You may be able to work around whatever the specific problem is with Firefox by choosing a different runtime in Firefox.

It seems that at the moment the plupload team are busy doing a complete rewrite of the library, so the developers are not fixing (or commenting on) smaller problems with the current released version very often.

There is a bug report about problems with plupload in Chrome when uploading large files:

Might be related to your problem?


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Have you tried uploading files larger than 50 MBytes with Firefox and your particular configuration of plupload?  That seems the most obvious place to start answering your question.

I don' t know off hand of any file size problems related to Firefox.

plupload.html5.js is included, in a minified form, inside plupload.full.js.  So changing plupload.html5.js will do you no good.

I'd think the quickest way to fix your problem is to stop pulling in plupload.full.js and instead include only the required scripts for your application.  Here is a very simple example that uses the core plupload and the htm4 runtime:

Since you are not using the jquery widgits, if you pull in the same .js files shown in the example, plus add the .js files for the other runtimes you are using everything should work.  You can then change the plupload.html5.js to fix the bug.

The symptom you describe (the file contents being [object File]) matches with the github issue you linked above.  I applied the first suggested fix in the issue comments: … nt-1622896

It solved the problem for me.


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You don't need a tool for selecting multiple files at once and upload as a single post.  Just use a regular old form with input type "file" and be sure to set the "multiple" attribute to something.  Then you will get all of what you are looking for straight out of the browser.

See the spec for more details:

Look at the many examples that come with plupload (and are also available on the web site).  The examples all have sample php files for server side processing, you should be able to use those as a starting point for your own development.


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These posts are related and my be of help to you:


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AFAIK there is no functionality in plupload to encrypt a file client side before uploading.  You would have to write that functionality yourself.

The last mention of the new release was 2 or 3 months (maybe).


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This is somewhat relevant: