What javascript files are you including from plupload?  If you are using the individual ones you may not have included the plupload.html4.js file?

Glad you've sorted out the problem.

The "full" file is just a straight concatenation of each of the other minified js source files, except the UI and JQuery widget files:


You can either concatenate the dev files, or just include them individually, and you will get the same result as including the plupload.full.js - but with real variable names, comments, indenting, etc.

It will be a day or two until I have time to check.  I'll post again when I have.

Try using the development versions of the plupload javascript files instead of the minified versions:


Any error message will be more descriptive with the development files.

I don't have any brilliant ideas off the top of my head.  I presume you have read the "Large Files" sticky post?  If not that might be worth a shot:


Progress events work fine for single files without chunking.  But the number of progress updates you will get will vary by runtime and, in the case of html5, by browser.  There is no control over how often a progress event is passed through in the html5 runtime - what you see is what you get.  Your mileage may vary with the other runtimes as well.  It's not uncommon with many of the runtimes, and no chunking, to only get one progress update per file - when the file has completed uploading.

Ad davit mentions above if you need more updates use chunking.


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Might be related:


I thought you said you were using ASPX?

If you are using php, someone had a somewhat similar problem a couple of days ago:


Is this in IE9 or IE8?  The specific symptoms you describe in your most recent post are pretty much the same as those described in one of the issues I linked to above:


All the issues with flash and IE seem to be with IE9.  There is a workaround in issue 323 that may fix the problem if you are only seeing the problem in IE9.

Most likely some kind of limit setting on your server.  PHP has 2 or 3 settings that can limit upload file size - perhaps ASP is similar?

Other possibility is that there is a problem with a plugin (flash, silverlight, etc.).  What runtime are you using in each browser to upload?

This might be relevant to your problem:


There have been a number of issues reported recently concerning IE9 and flash:


Although this is the first I've heard of a problem with IE8.  AFAIK IE8 and flash still work fine.

What is your configuration?


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Once you have the zip file on the server, you can do whatever you want with it.  The sample php files that come with the examples are meant to be tailored to whatever you need.

JavaScript  and the DOM do not allow you to select or manipulate a folder.  You would have to use some kind of java applet.


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I believe there was some discussion about this related to a pull request on github:


According to the PHP docs post_max_size:

Sets max size of post data allowed. This setting also affects file upload. To upload large files, this value must be larger than upload_max_filesize. If memory limit is enabled by your configure script, memory_limit also affects file uploading. Generally speaking, memory_limit should be larger than post_max_size.

What are you using to receive the files on the server?

Unlikely, as the web-browser supplies the file selection dialog, and you don't have that kind of control over the dialog from your JavaScript.


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This is most likely due to a bug in the current release of Safari 5.1 for Windows.  There is an issue logged for this:


You can check this - do you get the same behaviour with Firefox or Chrome and the HTML5 runtime?

You can download the "_dev" version of the latest release from here:


You can also pull directly from the source code at github, but you won't get built versions of the flash or silverlight components if you do that.


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IE has not implemented enough of the HTML5 standard for upload to work.  You must use one of the other runtimes.  IE is one of the primary reasons we need more than one runtime (although there are lots of other reasons - e.g. large file support, reliability, older version of other browsers, etc.).

Might be a good idea to log an issue on github about this problem:



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What specifically are the problems with your implementation?  The examples that come bundled with plupload all provide a PHP backend implementation.  I would think that the natural division between the browser and server would be relatively clear and an ASP implementation would be similar in concept to the sample PHP implementations.

Also here is some sample asp code for uploading to S3, perhaps there are some similarities to what you are trying to do:


I believe the fix is in the current master branch on github.  You can pull the code directly from there:


Also, based on comments on the forum and on github, I think a minor release may come out in the next couple of weeks - but this could change of course.  The fastest way is to get the code directly from github.