I'm not in charge of anything.  It's open source so feel free to work on whatever interests you.

Give it a try.  This bug is probably a bit tricky to fix but you would learn a lot trying.

You don't need to do anything fancy to catch init errors if a working runtime is not being found.  This is basic stuff, just check your code against the examples and sort out what your are doing wrong.

The whole point of plupload is to fallback to a workable runtime - even in IE6.  What runtimes are you using?  Have you tried the examples that come bundled with plupload?

Try whatever you like.  I'd be surprised if you are using gears.  Look at the custom example that comes with plupload to see how to print out the runtime being used.

Some of the run-times only push through a progress event at the start and/or end of each file upload.  This is one of the reasons why some people choose chunking, essentially splitting files into smaller "virtual files" and getting additional progress reports as a result.

Yes it's possible, look through the forum for examples of how to do this kind of thing.

This sort of thing has been discussed before on the forum.  Have a careful look and you should find it.

Look at the examples that come bundled with plupload including the sample php server side processing script.


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Log a bug would be my suggestion.

Check your server settings, there are lots of default limits on upload size on many of the commonly used server software (php for example).

https://github.com/moxiecode/plupload/b … ngelog.txt

EXIF data and ICC color profiles are preserved in at least the html5 and flash runtime (might be one or two more, have a look at the code).

Use this to serve the test:


You will have to change the POST url in the test to point to /oddjob_upload

What version of Safari are you running on OS X?  Up until 5.1 (6534.50) on OS X there have not been any problems.

You should try the reduced test case mentioned in issue 363 to confirm that you are in fact seeing the same bug in Safari on OS X that is currently present in the Windows version.  Or if you've just got some problems with your plupload configuration.

The bugs you've referenced are problems (to date) with Safari for Windows only.  And the problem is on Safari's end.  There is no work around possible with the HTML5 runtime and Safari for windows.

The only work around with plupload is to use one of the other run times on Safari instead (like Flash).  The simplest solution is to use Flash as the first runtime and fall back to html5 (and single file selection only on Safari for Windows).  If you want to get fancier you could do browser sniffing for html5 and switch the runtime to Flash for the relevant Safari for windows versions that are affected I believe they are all listed on the 363 issue.

I'd log a bug at least, or a pull request (better) on github.  You can reference this discussion thread if you want to reduce the amount of typing.


This problem is raised a great deal on the forum.  If you look through the old posts you should find the solution.

http://www.plupload.com/punbb/viewtopic … 5669#p5669


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http://www.plupload.com/punbb/viewtopic … 5698#p5698

Might be worth logging an issue on this in case it is a bug or unexpected side-effect.


I think this is a known limitation.  Someone else posted on the forum that they had to include some content in the reply (header is not enough).  You can search the forums to find it if you'd like.

Might be better to create a pull request on github for this.