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Use the stop() function attached to your plupload instance.

Whatever port you've specified in the upload url.


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I don't know if it will be any help but there is  a long thread regarding uploading to Amazon S3 here:


I think (and you should check this) that the percentages may be calculated based on the input size of the images - before resizing.  So if the last 3 images were reduced in size a great deal they might account for half of the 'input' size for the total of all images and thus show up in the progress as you describe.  Check the code if you want the definitive answer.


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No, but you need a commercial license if it is for business use.

plupload is a client side library (it does it's work in the browser).  The server side processing is up to you to handle.  You will have to write whatever code you need to create multiple resized images once the original is uploaded to your server.

Search the forums, there are a number of posts discussing this topic.


The latest ones have been merged in:



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I think you've answered your own question.  Safari used to have more fine grained upload progress.

BTW your reasons for not using chunking seem a little thin.  Your browser is making multiple "http" calls to upload a large file with or without chunking.  It is a pain to set up server side handling of chunking but once you do you will have solved your problem in all browsers.


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Yes, but that will work fine.  But different browsers and different runtimes will return progress events at different rates.  Some only one update per file uploaded, others more often.


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Search for "split" in the forums.


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I believe there are a limitations in Safari mobile ??

I could be wrong but I think in the latest versions of every browsers except IE and Safari on Windows the html5 runtime with chunking will only load each chunk into memory as it needs them.  Large files in this case should be fine.

Those are very big files, you should consider what runtime you are using and what version of browser you are using.  Some of the runtime/browser combinations will load the entire file into memory before sending and with firebug who knows what the effect would be.

You might find the large file post helpful:

less relevant is the large images with flash post:

They are both a bit dated and not completely accurate but they should give you good background on the types of problems you run into with large files.

Splice let's you remove as many or as few files as you would like.  You don't have to empty the queue, you can just remove all but the first 5 files for example.  The event binding hasn't changed in a long time so that code snippet should be fine.

The browsers do not provide any functionality to prevent users from selecting files - or only select a fixed number of files.  The best that any program can do (plupload or any other upload program) is look at what has been selected after the fact and act accordingly.  Ultimately this is not a plupload limitation but a browser limitation.

If you only want them to select a single file you can use the html4 runtime only (i.e. the original file upload capability that was built into browsers).  But you lose a lot of the side benefits that the other runtimes supply like fine grained progress reporting.

There are some open issues about this on github, there seems to be problems with the latest flash runtime.  For example:



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My apologies, I wasn't aware of that behaviour as I only use the core custom upload components.  I assume you are using one of the widgets?


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As I mentioned you would have to write your own event handler.  You can make that handler do whatever you'd like - including stopping the upload, etc.


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You would have to write your own keyboard event handler, but there is no reason that you couldn't do that.  It wouldn't have anything to do with plupload though - just plain old JavaScript and keyboard events.

only use the html4 runtime.


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Yes, using git and github.

Code is here:

The basics of pull requests are here:
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5256 … est-commit



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Submit a pull request when you are finished if you'd like to see these new features added.  Other developers can have a look at the code and let you know what they think.