Thanks so much for the quick response.

I do wish to try as per, "Actually you could try and test the same approach for Plupload - try to serve it directly from S3 and it should work. There is no other workaround around this currently (for HTML5 runtime I mean)."

Now can you give a sample for the HTML5 runtime as per above. I truly have no clue how to try this out. I only wish to use for html5, so let's forget about all other runtimes, and any security issues. I just need to understand how to test your hypothesis that it should work for the above quote...

Thanks again!


BTW, are you away of any security implications for hosting the plupload control on S3 versus a web server? Thanks again!!!

Cary smile

I could easily get PLUpload to load from S3 but I am unsure what you mean by, "try to serve it drectly from S3 and it should work.."

S3 will not host anything but static content so I do not believe PHP or C# files can be used in that scenario...

I would be willing to experiment more with this control on S3 but I am confused ...

By the way, I use flajaxian too, and that uses a crossdomain.xml file I keep in my bucket. I am also wondering why that is not a cross-domain request....

At any rate thanks so much for responding to all my posts. It is incredibly helpful!


Thanks so very much for responding to my questions.

I have spent the entire weekend working with your control and the jquery-html5-plugin.

http://code.google.com/p/jquery-html5-u … tail?id=12

Using your source code from the *_dev.html sample and the above link I was able to get firebug tracing working no problem with your control.

The jquery-html5-plugin works differently in that the html file is served directly from S3 which I have never seen before.

It requires write acl on the s3 bucket so I have put in a support ticket to Amazon support to make sure that it is possible to secure this as my particular needs are to allow individual customers to have rights only within specific areas of the bucket; i.e. I use their customer id to create keys.

At any rate I was able to even get plupload working with the jquery ui themes which is truly a beautiful aesthetic experience, and I could get it served up direct from S3, but ALAS I have given up on I am both not talented enough a jquery developer, nor do I have the time to integrate the two.

If you look at the jquery-ui-html5 plugin it is only about 100 lines of very terse code, and best of all it works, but the front end is quite 1995ish.

My feeling is that if you were to look at the code, and felt it could create a "secure" upload experience for S3, you would be able to make a profit with a product like this.

I would not hesitate to spend up to several hundred dollars for it as it would work in every modern browser implementation except IE. I tested smile)

The only product I have found with drag & drop that satisfies my needs is the Aurigma ImageUploader but that requires Java. It is quite expensive if you go to their site and they have thousands of customers.

I am in the process of purchasing it, but as mentioned I would not hesitate to purchase a PLUpload S3 HTML5 uploader if it worked as jquery html5 plugin does.

They also use http put, which means they have a progress bar, and the link supplied has an online working sample.

Now that Amazon has offered multi-part resilient resumable uploads I was really hoping I would be able to somehow inject the jquery html5 plugin into your codebase, and then even figure out how to shrink images to thumbs, and have error correction.

The S3 cloud is poised to explode and whoever could offer resumable uploads, resizable thumbs, etc. in html5 ... they are sure to sell thousands of copies as all signs indicate as MA$$ exodus to the cloud.

I am a one man IT department working on a labor intensive project and I always rely upon 3rd party controls like Telerik, Flajaxian, Aurigma to get my site completed before the 22nd century.

I think no company/group of developers is more poised to fill that niche than PLUpload if you only have the will to go for it. You guys are clearly jquery masters as I am just a decent hack....

Just food for thought...




I need direct to S3 upload. I am C#/ASP.NET programmer. I see the latest release has the php sample which I am going to begin to attempt to understand and translate to C#.

Questions: I see it only uses Flash & SL runtimes. I assume I am limited to those for Direct to S3?

I assume the PHP I will translate it only for secure signing?

Finally and this is major I assume I can modify the policy as each upload needs a dynamic key to create the s3 version of a folder. I need the filekey to reflect a userid and item id for each record.

Worse I need an event to log each upload in SQL Server in realtime.

Am I asking too much from PLUpload? sad(

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!




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Just downloaded the latest PLUpload.

The goal is to perform direct to S3 uploads but the sample offered is in PHP.

I am an asp.net C# developer and though I'm ashamed to admit it I cannot figure out the translation.

If anybody can create a sample I would be most grateful.

Cary Abramoff