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As explained here (http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/ … nalID=1434), I want my Plupload to upload files to my s3 account. To do so, I need to add some hidden inputs to my form, I do it this way (don't know if it is correct because it's not yet working)

multipart_params : {
            key : '${filename}',
            AWSAccessKeyId : 'ZKJKJKJKSHDHDFHFD',
            acl : 'private',
            success_action_redirect : 'http://redirect_url',
            policy : '<%= @policy %>',
            signature : '<%= @signature %>'

the documention (link above) also specify that the 'input file' 's name must be named : "file"

How to name the file uploaded "file"?

Also this field must be the last one in the form

Thanks for your help


In order to post directly to amazon S3, I need to add some hidden fields to my form.

(for full details see: http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/ … alID=1434)

Is it possible?