Hi guys,

I haven't messed with file uploads for a while, and I'm wondering if plupload is the right solution for what I'm trying to accomplish.

At my company, we upload a lot of high resolution pictures through our web interface. Up to now, we have used Flash and Java based uploaders, which have the major downside that customers need to install an extra plugin, the have to deal with constant java/flash updates which can have unintended side effects, they are clunky, etc.

I would like to migrate the company to a native browser based solution (with JavaScript replacing the Java and Flash uploaders). Currently, one of the benefits of the Java/Flash uploaders is that they compress the images before uploading, thus making the upload process fast.

The company owner is concerned that an all javascript solution would not be able to do such a compression and thus may not be feasible. Does anyone reading this have much experience with uploading large sets (say 200 photos at a time) of high resolution images?

Is plupload a good fit for this use case? I would not want to use a widget, but rather write a custom ui that ties into a JavaScript api to handle the processing (compressing files, progress notifications, sending files to server, etc.)

So to recap, is plupload the right choice for these requirements?

- upload large set of files as a group
- compress high resolution images for quicker uploads (without degrading quality)
- I can write custom ui (which talks to javascript api)
- works on modern browsers (only IE9+ are a concern)

Thanks for any insight,