maybe very few asked abut such option but if you add it your plugin will be very unique among the others...
about the the best way (visually and functionally) to add this feature i can't tell you now until i take a look to the core of your widget and read the documentation ....
i think visually you can use ajax for the progress bar with the HTML runtime
really your Plupload saved me alot of time and effort
i tested many free upload pluging on the web but nothing suits me needs as your plugin i was searching for a plugin that return the uploaded file name to me to send it to a php script ....
is Plupload  free to add to a commercial script??
i'm working on a script and i don't know if i'll offer it for free or commercially
are there any restrictions about that???

first the Plupload 2 Beta Download link is broken:

i'm thinking to use your widgets if it's possible to add remote upload to it..
i test your example it can get a remote file when i past a link in the add files dialog it grabs the file... but without progress bar ....
anyway i wish to know how to add this function to Plupload

Hello guys
i want to thank you for such good software really it works great
and i want to allow remote upload to upload from URL
is that possible with plupload