Ah! I only went to the home page when I first found Plupload, I was looking through the other pages (particularly the documentation) after that... could you duplicate the table in the documentation please?

And now that I understand it, I like your suggestion of specifying the required features and letting the init decide which available library fits best.

However, it will surely be necessary to handle a situation in which no library meets the requirements, in which case it would surely be better to initiate the best fit library, allow the (missing) features to be checked via JavaScript, and handle this accordingly, than to display no upload control at all? Hence I think being able to query the features as I suggested needs to complement your required_features parameter.

Ok, thanks...

I'm a photographer and need the IPTC/EXIF data for display within my gallery/image screens... so if client-side resizing doesn't preserve this then I will have to do all the resizing on the server...

As I'm the only one doing uploading then only having this feature available for the Flash runtime would be absolutely fine by me, but of course for wider use by others it would be preferable for it to be supported by other runtimes.

Spocke wrote:

I have now updated the matrix.

Great, I didn't know you had one at all (hence my suggestion) - where is it?

Spocke wrote:

Will soon add a required features property that will check so that all those features exists for the specific runtimes.

Not quite sure what you mean here, please explain in greater detail?

Spocke wrote:

Yes, this is not a bug it's a feature. There is no way in HTML 4 to get the file size. I guess we should display N/A instead of 1kb.

Yes, a null value should be returned by the API if the filesize is queried, and the UI should display N/A.

I notice that the Flash runtime doesn't support drag'n'drop adding of files, is this impossible because of a limitation in what Flash is capable of, or simply a feature that hasn't been added yet?

Information such as max filesize supported should also be included, using info from http://www.plupload.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=16 (and perhaps further investigation)

And of course the documentation already shows info such as "This runtime supports these features: dragdrop, jpgresize, pngresize, chunks" which can be used as the starting point for the feature support matrix/table that I am suggesting/requesting.

Given that each runtime has its own nuances and cannot be used 100% interchangeably (e.g. judging from the example page, the HTML4 and HTML5* runtimes don't seem to support adding multiple files to the queue), I think it's crucial that the API documentation features a feature comparison table.

Moreover, the JS API should expose a number of properties reflecting the same information (i.e. which features are available for the initiated control), so that the UI can dynamically reflect the capabilities (e.g. displaying different user instructions depending on whether single or multiple file selection is available, etc).

* CORRECTION: HTML5 does support multiple files but the dialog suggests singular - "File upload", whereas HTML4 displays the same dialog title but doesn't support multiple file selection. Can the HTML5 dialog title be altered (e.g. to "Select file(s) to upload") to make this clearer?


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While this can easily be implemented manually in JavaScript I think it's such a common use case that Plupload should feature it as part of its core functionality.