Do you mean to define events or to define event handlers?

I have the latest version installed – 11,4,402,287.

I've also tried with jQuery 1.4.2 – the same result as with 1.8.2.

I've just tried it in IE again, and it froze again. May I see your page with the working form?

That makes more sense now. Thanks.

why someone will define a section that executes any code before the plupload is initialized? if we need this, we just put our code before calling the plupload initialization code. Right?

Sounds right, but I want to know if I got you correctly. For example, I needed to change the header text and remove a button from the queue widget, so I did the following:

preinit: {
    PostInit: function(up) {
        $(".plupload_header_text").html("Add files to the upload queue and click the Save button.");

Can you think of another way that would work and make more sense?

I can answer my own question now. The answer seems to be "yes". plupload converted 3 sample CMYK jpg images to RBG color space, and the results were good, in my opinion. (There didn't seem to a difference in colors.)

The code is at I simply changed what I described and some paths.

I am using jquery 1.8.2.

I saw it. Firstly, that article is too deficient in details. Secondly, here's what it says:

    Function callback that enables you to bind events before the uploader is initialized.

I wanted, for example, to change text in the queue widget, so doing that "before the uploader is initialized" didn't make sense, yet this is exactly where it worked.

Still, this area is confusing. Good docs would help, but they don't exist. People have been inquiring about basic things that should've been covered by documentation.

Now I feel I might be interpreted as an ungrateful SOB. I am not. I am thankful for this software and that it's free. Good docs would help, though smile

The code in example on uses $('form')[0].submit() to submit the form. I thought that $("#myFormId").submit() would work too, but it caused the browser to lock up. I don't get why. According to, my expectation was correct, but both IE and Firefox proved me wrong. Why?

Thanks for the explanation, Leandro. But what is a "section" here? Is it a JavaScript concept or something plupload devs have come up with?

It would be good if somebody wrote a set of documentation articles explaining things like that.


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This is where that example is:

May I suggest a different way to approach this? Why don't you use AJAX to do the form's validation, and upload the entire form only its input is valid?

In their example at they show how upload files when the form's submit button is clicked. You might even want to remove the Start upload button.

If you decide to remove the button, here's the code inside the initial call of pluploadQueue():

preinit: {
            PostInit: function(up) {

Do you remember what version you had?

Got this from

Use postinit event:

preinit: {
                PostInit: function(up) {
                    //your code here

This code works, so I assume it's correct, but I find it very confusing – PostInit is inside preinit. Can anyone explain the rationale behind this?


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I want so submit a normal form, with a plupload thingy as part of the form.

They now have an example showing how it can be done:


I'd like to know what will happen if I try to resize on the client side a CMYK jpg image. Will it work or fail? Will the file be converted to RBG format correctly? If just resizing worked correctly, that would be sufficient for me because I could do the format conversion on the server.