Is this something we can find a workaround for ourselves in the js or will it be something in the swf?

Would it be possible to send the first 30kb or so of the original file (assuming the IPTC exif data is stored there) and read this with PHP before doing a second post of the resized image? Then it wouldn't be too hard to store the EXIF info from the 30kb server side. This approach could work with all runtimes though I appreciate it's clunky and relies on server side processing and extra data transfer.

Thanks for your reply. Even if it were only available in one or two of the runtimes it would be very valuable and something few of these types of uploaders have. In fact I've only been able to find Java uploaders that do this so far.

Is it possible to include IPTC or EXIF data in the resized image that is uploaded?

I've tried Silverlight and Gears implementations and neither seem to do this.

I'm also having the problem with chunking in Flash and would love a workaround! smile