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- Large upload works fine Windows/Chrome/HTML5
- DnD works fine Windows/Chrome/HTML5
- Large Upload on Windows/HTML5/Firefox 3 seems to be limited to 50Mb (even if the file is larger it is cut) => works on FF5/6


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No only the latest version here I'll try the github version


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davit wrote:

Uploading huge files in HTML5 is now possible in Chrome. Gecko has some problems with it, that are now fixed in Gecko 7 and are expected to go wild in September. Next version of Safari may also get it. IE and Opera lack different bits just yet.

I've upgraded my application to the latest Plupload version and latest Chrome version.

Chrome crash "aie aie aie" error if I upload a +400Mb file.


I've just upgraded to Plupload 1.4.2 and got strange behavior with HTML5 runtime in Multipart. May be it is known issue ?

I upload 2 files of 50mb

on Chrome (10.0.648.151 beta) the browser hang +30s for each file then upload is correctly performed.

on Firefox (3.6.16) the start() is called, dispatching 'BeforeUpload' and 'UploadFile' then nothing ... the server is never called.
=> I don't know where to look to find why nothing append
=> The queue size is correct

EDIT 14:50:

It seems the binded function to FileReader.onload() is never called line 40 of readFileAsBinary().

It seems to
- OK with a very small file .zip
- OK with a video of 42mb (wait dew second then upload)
- KO with a video of 250mb (hang forever)
- KO with a zip of 50mb  (sometimes hang, sometimes works)

EDIT 17:46

Seems there is a limit with FileReader on Firefox:
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5229 … -in-html-5

I tried loading bigger files of size greater than 50 MB.But it is trying to load maximum upto 50 MB.Not more than that. .onloadend method is gettinf triggered upon reading maximum upto 50 MB.This is what observed in my system.Not sure with other machines.I Is there any restriction on file size while reading a huge file

Best Regards


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davit wrote:


2. It seems request performed by Flash do not use J2EE cookie. So the ServerSide Session is not the same as browser session.

You will need to send your session id with the upload and restore it on server-side. That has been usual issue with all other flash based uploaders using FileReference. That's why using chunking and URLStream for example maybe beneficial, if the usage scenario allows of course.

Yes, that what I thought. The tricky thing is the behavior is not the same between runtimes.

For my workaround, I no longer use the session but instead a LRUMap server side with unique id.


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Well, I did not see errors on IE7/IE8 at the moment

But on IE6 (grrr I hate that browser) Flash Runtime of Plupload open a new window and display the dummy text !

I agree all runtimes should have the same behavior


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Ok I think I find 2 issues ! smile

1. In fact server must return anything like "DONE" in response. Then Flash continue it's process and all callback are correctly called.

So problem solved !

2. It seems request performed by Flash do not use J2EE cookie. So the ServerSide Session is not the same as browser session.

Is my guess correct ? Is there a work around ?

The same test with HTML5 runtime works fine.


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Thanks, well as a developer I understand the statement "Works on my machine" and indeed the online sample works for me.

What I would like to known is why my sample no longer works ?

- It used to works before 1.3.0
- It works perfectly with HTML5, Silverlight, Gears runtimes
- It works perfectly on IE/FF/Chrome

But for Flash it do not work with my old code anymore.

I think it 's something really simple that changed in the API, but I need clue to find it.
- Our server only accept Multipart data not chunk.
- File seems to be correctly send

I put alert() in all binds of "plupload.flash.js" and it seems "Flash:UploadProcess" is called but "Flash:UploadChunkComplete" is never called.

According to ActionScript File:
- FileUploaded is fired by Flash:UploadChunkComplete
- fired by UploadChunkEvent.UPLOAD_CHUNK_COMPLETE_DATA
- fired by DataEvent.UPLOAD_COMPLETE_DATA
- fired when the file is uploaded ?

As a side note, very few times, my file is not fully send and hang at 35%.


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When putting trace in code (plupload.flash.js):

- I got Flash:Init
- I got Flash:SelectFiles
- I got UploadFile
- I got Flash:UploadProcess

The file is correctly send to the server, I got trace on server side with the file.

I try to add like the others :
uploader.bind("FileUploaded", function(up) {

On the other way, it seems in the source code, FileUploaded is trigged only by "Flash:UploadChunkComplete" called only in chuck mode but I am in multipart mode.

EDIT 1: on a larger file, I correctly get 'UploadProgress' event and I correctly display the progress bar. But I do not get the 'FileUploaded' event.

In the code no where 'FileUploaded' is fired. The only function that call it is the callback to 'Flash:UploadChunkComplete' that is never called because we are not in chunk mode.

EDIT 2: The callback of 'Flash:UploadProcess' event always return a status of '2' that means UPLOADING.

EDIT 3 : I do not have stuff ti compile ActionScript, do you have a Flash version with traces ? To be sure callback of simpleUpload() on DataEvent.UPLOAD_COMPLETE_DATA is correctly called.


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Well I got the probleme, may be, since Flash 10.1 update and Plupload 1.3.0 ?

I'm using Windows Vista. I have a colleague with the same issue on Windows Seven and an other on Linux.

I need to know when all files have been uploaded, may be threre is a workaround ?

On server side we read the multipart request and decode it normally.


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Well, I could not select zip here (http://www.plupload.com/example_events.php)

But I did a Proof Of Concept (cut&past from custom example + modif for prototype library):

- If I replace runtime 'flash' by 'html5' I get the alert.
- It used to work in previous plupload version.
- I upload a single little image


<form action="debug/debugPlupload.jsp" method="post" name="fileUploadForm" enctype="multipart/form-data">
  <div id="plupload-container">
    <div id='plupload-browse'>BROWSE</div>
    <div id='plupload-logs'>Logs</div>
  <input id="plupload-submit" type="button" value='UPLOAD' name="opUpload" />



    var uploader = new plupload.Uploader({
        runtimes : 'flash',
        browse_button : 'plupload-browse',
        container :     'plupload-container',
        max_file_size : '10mb',
        url :                 '/en/jcore/plupload.jsp',
        flash_swf_url :       '/en/js/lib/plupload/plupload.flash.swf',
        silverlight_xap_url : '/en/js/lib/plupload/plupload.silverlight.xap',

    uploader.bind('Init', function(up, params) {
        $('plupload-logs').update("<div>Current runtime: " + params.runtime + "</div>");

    $('plupload-submit').observe('click',function(e) {


    uploader.bind('FilesAdded', function(up, files) {
          $('plupload-logs').update("<div>"+file.name+" </div>");

        up.refresh(); // Reposition Flash/Silverlight

    uploader.bind('Error', function(up, err) {
        $('plupload-logs').update("<div> Error: "+err.message+"</div>");
        up.refresh(); // Reposition Flash/Silverlight

    uploader.bind('UploadProgress', function(up, file) {
      $('plupload-logs').update("<div>"+file.id+" "+file.percent+"%</div>");

    uploader.bind('FileUploaded', function(up, file) {
        $('plupload-logs').update("<div> Uploaded: "+file.name+") </div>");

May be I have to something new on server-side pipes ? But it seems weird.

PS: Is there custom advanced support for licensed version ?


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Does FileUploaded() callback is called for you in a multipart upload with flash runtime ?

The sample here works in chunk mode.


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I've upgraded to Plupload 1.3.0 and it seems Flash runtime no longer fire FileUploaded callback on FF/IE.

It's seems sometimes it stops at the middle of the upload.

It works fine with HTML5, Silverlight runtimes. I use Flash 10.1. I use Multipart upload with small files.

I see fixed bug about FileUploaded  on GitHub, is it a new bug ?



I would like to perform a multipart upload with files' name in ISO-8859-1.

- Runtimes: HTML5
- Client side: files.name is correctly displayed (in debug trace)
- Server side: decode request header in UTF-8

How can I configure Uploader to send multipart request in UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1 ?

I tried to set:
  { ...
    headers: { 'accept-charset' : 'UTF-8' },
But doesn't works.



A topic on StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9355 … er-in-http

But I don't know how it should be fixed ?
- As a quick fix I can unacentuate file name ?
- May be there is a better way to encode filename ?


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You could listen to the Event "UploadFile" (Fires when a file is to be uploaded by the runtime) request has not been already performed.

About my third solution, upload autostart quietly as soon as files are dropped. Then when the user submit the form (onSubmit event), I stop the submition and wait for the end of the uploads. Then I re-submit the form in JavaScript. (It works likes GMail).


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- If you want to sumbit a "raw" file then you do not have to specify multipart. On server side you will receive bytes.

- If you want to submit files with other inputs you will have to specify multipart and set params dynamicaly with up.settings.multipart_params = {...}. On Server side you will have to decode Multipar Request.

- For a generic purpose, what I did is uploading files with Pluload. I store it's reference in session. Then user submit the Form nomally and I retrieve the File in session. (more complicated)


My server performs controls on uploaded files (for security issues). What http error code should I return ?

Actually it returns:
- For Invalid Content Type :  415 (UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE)
- For File Size Limit Exceeded :  413 (REQUEST_ENTITY_TOO_LARGE)
- For other issues: 400 (BAD_REQUEST)

Tested with about 5 videos (avi,mp4,...) files average size 150Mb:
- Chrome/Gears: Works fine
- IE7/Silverlight: I get some errors (callback)
- Firefox/HTML5: Upload 2 files then hang ? or wait ?

- Firefox/Flash: Hang too after 3 or 4 uploads

Any ideas ? Does it comes from HTTP Error Codes ?


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Thank you for this absolutly great and professional answer that help's me to test the full power of Plupload features. I'm sure it will cover all my issues, I'm going to order immediatly a license smile

Well, I will try something with Apache Commons FileUpload and give feed back later.


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Does anybody have a sample (Java) Servlet to handle binary (not multipart) upload, chunk, ... ?



I have an old HTML Form with many fields. I want to convert some "Input File" fields into Plupload fields.

How should I handle that situation ?

1. Creating a "new plupload.Uploader" for each upload fields or list of upload fields.

2. Creating only one  "new plupload.Uploader" and handle many shim.


- In case 1) how upload is performed ? Is there a global queue cross Uploader ? Or did each Uploader perform it's upload alone without telling others ?

- In case 2) is there a way to define more than one "browse_button" and more than one "drop_element" to handle many fields ?


I would like to use only one queued request to handle all upload (because there is non need to open many request). And I want to handle many upload spot because there is many upload fields.

Is there best practices on this subjet ?