We fixed this issue by applying a fix found on StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1826 … in-firefox

Firefox requires that a user run the dataTransfer.setData function in the event.

It seems that this is happening only in Firefox - I'm on Win7 FF27.

About half the file extensions do not work (do not "drop" after "dragging") across various content types.

This may be an easy fix that and are doing something wrong.

In any browser, at seemingly random, some file types will not "drop" into the PLUPLOAD UI when dragged. For example a DOC or DOCX will drop no problem, but a PPT or PPTX will not.

This is the same for many, many file types. Another example, an MP4 will drop but an AVI or MOV will not.

Has anyone come across this and found a fix?


Ok - so at the moment we can't do this. Yes?

The usage scenario is we display the UPLOAD FILE button, on_click displays the Plupload UI. Below the ADD FILES button we would have "Add from Dropbox", "Add From GoogleDrive", "Add From SkyDrive", etc. etc. Each of these returns a public URL value after the user authenticates that can be used to do a server-to-server DL.

Make sense?

This would really open up a new world for our users.

Hi all

Do you guys know if it is possible to add files to the Plupload upload queue via URL? We would like to add files via DropBox FileChooser, and eventually through the Google FilePicker and other cloud storage systems.

These return a URL value where the file is located, and PLUPLOAD should download from there (server-to-server) and process normally.

Is this possible?

Ref: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/dropins/chooser/js

Turns out the two reports so far are from Mac LION OS.

Strange! Ideas?

I'm having a lot of reports from users using Macs (namely Chrome and Safari) that are experiencing the upload process "freezing" (or stalling) at a random percentage.

We're using Flash runtime with HTML5 fallback.

We are suggesting they use FireFox as that seems to work better but would like to resolve this issue for Chrome/Safari on Mac.

Anyone have ideas?