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I'm not sure,
becouse you need to trigger twice the upload of the same file and I think the browser security would not let you do that...but I'm not sure

In theory you can do it...but you'll need to change the runtimes for what you need, and that's no easy task sad

If I were you I would try to do it serverside somehow...you (or someone else) still needs to manage the uploaded files on the server right?
You can try to reinvent the weel...or do it serverside in 10 min.


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you can resize on upload to 1024x768 and then serserside resize and save the thumnail at 320x240.

if you do it client side that would be slower, 'cos you'll have to upload 2 files


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My workaround this impediment is initiating more instances (with different filters) with the same "browse_button", and after that I change the z-index accordingly , just for flash...haven't tested in other runtime yet.
What do you think Spocke, will I get stuck with other runtimes?

Hi Frederico,

I had the same problem with jqueryUI dialogs,

I added in jquery.pupload.queue.js at the end
        if (settings==='destroy') {

            var currentUploaderID=$(this[0]).attr('id');
            var currentUploader=uploaders[currentUploaderID];
            renderUI(currentUploaderID, $(this[0]))

and in pupload.js
            removeAllFiles : function(file) {
                var i;

                for (i = files.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

and after the dialog becomes invisible I call


with that I "reset the queue",,,there are a few details missing but that's my solution.

PS: I think after the tab with the uploader is selected, you should do uploader.refresh();

PPS: if that doesn't work read here http://jqueryui.com/demos/tabs/#...my_s … .29_tab.3F

because you tabs become invisible by "display:none;" that creates some problems with flash


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Hi guys,

how can I change the :filters parameter dynamically on the same instance?

As I've read on github, Spocke said that in silverlight it's an init option, but what about other runtimes?