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Sorry for late reply, you should have gotten a notice of the support email address.

We are looking into moving all support users into a proper ticket system very very soon.


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Just add the license txt file to wherever you have plupload installed

Markus, send me the email directly.

joakim at moxiecode dot com


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@ jendaneu

1) Very soon.
2) Yes, might be minor updates to license agreement though.
3) Yes.


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Yes we know, looking into options to mitigating the issue.


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Prunes lots of forum users with 0 posts.

If your account is gone, register again. Sorry for inconvenience.

License is GPL, check the license doc for details on how you can use it.


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I terms of what "normal" users will be using, no, its not that much new, but the engine is rebuilt extending its capabilities.

We will go into this in more details for future news.

You would not have to modify the code again, you can obtain the license document by purchasing a license, and add that document to your folder.


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If you really need the fixes, just download the latest build from Github, Davit will release a new version when he feels it's ready and suitable.


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We had some spam bots register 5000+ users on the forum (so much for captcha), so we simply pruned all users that had 0 posts, we are sorry if your user got wiped in this process, just re-register if thats the case.

One big problem is that there is no 64-bit version of the Flash plugin, otherwise that runtime should work fine.

Do you really need to use the 64-bit version? There isn't much of an upside to using that right now, and your system should still have the 32-bit versions installed.


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Might be usefull to check out the simplest example.


So you can great whatever UI you want around the Plupload core.


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Since noone seems to want to start off the Showroom forum, we thought we might add our own presentation.

As of a few versions ago, our commercial plugins for TinyMCE called MCFileManager & MCImageManager uses the Plupload engine to upload files.

Plupload was from the start built to replace the uploader we had in our products, but we also decided to open source the uploader so more could benefit from this code.

More info on MCFileManager

More info on MCImageManager


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Let us know where Plupload is used, this forum is for describing or showing off what you have used Plupload for.


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Thanks, ill put this in sticky for a while.

Just remove the chunk_size config option (added this to docs).


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Yes, a new version of Plupload has been released, making the version number 1.2. Also, news about Plupload will be posted in this forum from now on.

Bugs and feature requests are to be posted on GitHub.

You can follow the RSS here.


You can find old news posts here on our blog:
Plupload v1.1 released
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Plupload feature explanation
Plupload released

Plupload Team