take a look on this topic:


try what in in this topic:


if this doesn't help you, so please post you entire code, preferably in www.jsfiddle.net, like:


sorry this isn't possible because when using flash and silverlight runtimes, the file dialog can't be opened by runtime code.

maybe you should validade the form by the time the user fill it, and only show the browse button if the form is validated.



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please search before ask:



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take a look on these address:


all these pages contains examples with the queue widget.



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if you're using the queue widget, get the uploader reference with this command:

uploader = $('#uploader').pluploadQueue();

if you're using the custom uploader, you will need to save the uploader reference when creating the uploader:

var uploader = new plupload.Uploader({...


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verify if the server code are really saving the files at the "uploads" directory.

To upload bigger files, use chunked uploads

yes, agree, this is another form of do that. But I think is more friendly to show an alert informing the user.

yes, but this wont limit the number of files on the queue, you can select multiples files one by one

sorry, I didn't understand what's your problem.

Are you saying that after getting the value of any GET parameter, you aren't being able to get the others values?

forbisc wrote:

I tried this:

$('uploadfiles').onclick = function() {
        plupload.settings.url = 'upload.php?cat=' + $('cat').value;
    return false;

but it doesn't work.

are you sure that "uploadfiles" and "cat" are css classes? if not, you should learn more about jQuery selectors, because if "uploadfiles" and "cat" are ids, you must precede them with "#".

philmayfield wrote:

I tried this:

url : 'upload_gallery1.php?wid=' + document.getElementById('wid').value,

But no luck.

if you're setting the url at the plupload initialization, it will be more likely it will occur on page load, this means that probably the "wid" value will be an empty string.

For both of you, if you need to change the url before each upload you need to set the "uploader.settings.url" on the BeforeUpload event.


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looks like your runtime is flash, so:

davit wrote:

You are trying to trigger file dialog manually? This is not yet consistently supported across browsers and is completely impossible with runtimes other them html4/html5, like Flash or SilverLight.


    Boolean state if the drag/drop support for all runtimes should be enabled or disabled. Default is true.


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use the following code on the PostInit event:

$('#' + id + '_container').attr('title', '');

where "id" is the id of the element where you initialized the plupload


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verify if your server supports larger requests, but in my opinion you should enable chunks

yes, I'm using the HTML5.

When the mouse is over the uploader, I get the tooltip "using runtime: html5" in the browsers firefox 15.0, chrome 21.0.1180.89 and safari 5.1.7 and in all these browsers when dragging and dropping a folder inside the uploader I receive the following message:

Ordner werden nicht unterstützt!

I'm using windows xp

what exactly is not working? when I tried to add a folder to the queue I got an alert sayin "something"

take a look on this code:


so, change the QueueChanged event code, with the code posted here

only HTML4 and HTML5 runtimes will work in the Smartphones, tablets and the like.

of these two, only HTML5 is capable of resizing images.

As HTML5 is a tecnology under development yet, the ipad browser doesnt have the HTML5 support that desktop browsers have. so, you won't be able to resize on ipad yet, maybe in a near future

what do you mean with resize images "to ipad"?

resized images are independent of the device.


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plupload was designed to the user that want more control about the uploads (resizing images, control the server response for each chunk uploaded, control the send progress for each file, determine if the upload of each file was successful or not) and these features require multiple posts.

if you wanna send multiples files in one request and have your progress bar, you can take a look on the jQuery Form Plugin, but be aware that the progress bar will track the entire post, not for each file:


live sample:


no, plupload doesn't support this, you should adapt the code for your needs.

try using this code on beforeupload event:

up.settings.multipart_params = {
                            "message": $("#message").val();


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please elaborate your question. what exactly do you mean with "new topic"?

yes, plupload can handle what you need.

Small image size

plupload can resize images on client, so no more long transfers

Never more than one photo.

You can control the maximum files on the queue through plupload events.

Uploading a new photo would replace the existing one.

this should be done in your Server (ASP) code.

As I'm not the developer of the plupload, I can say as a normal user that plupload is, IMHO, the best open source uploader available, as it can handle multiples runtimes, resize on the client and chunked uploads.