ok, you have a form tag, but you don't have a submit button. what you need is:



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here the plupload.full.js is ok, try to download it again. if this doesn't solve, post your code, with the error that firebug is showing.

doesn't fire? weird. Do you have a form tag on your code? It will help if you post your code here. So we can take a look.


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your code contain extras parenthesis and semicolon at the end:

function attachCallbacks(uploader) {
uploader.bind('FileUploaded', function(Up, File, Response) {
    if( (uploader.total.uploaded + 1) == uploader.files.length)
        window.location = 'http://www.website.com/view.php';

to find this kind of error quick, you should use FireBug (firefox extension) or validate your code at http://jsutility.pjoneil.net/

validate the fields before starting the upload:

$('form').submit(function(e) {
            var uploader = $('#uploader').pluploadQueue();
            // Files in queue upload them first
            if (validateForm()) {
                // When all files are uploaded submit form
                uploader.bind('StateChanged', function() {
                    if (uploader.files.length === (uploader.total.uploaded + uploader.total.failed)) {
            } else {
                alert('Invalid Form');
            return false;

Have you tried the stop() method?


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The problem is on the server side, check if your server supports PHP and if you have permission to create files


For some weird reason, I can't upload a specific jpeg image through the flash (my version is runtime. All others jpeg I tried were uploaded fine.

The problematic file can be downloaded from: http://www.kicasa.com.br/1-Imagem%20058-1.jpg

I used all the examples in this site that use flash to test. In all I had the problem, but in the JQuery UI widget it won't work on the first try, but if you click on "Stop Upload" and then start the upload again, the file will be uploaded

in all other runtimes it was uploaded without problems (I don't have Gears or Browserplus).

I thought it might be some thing in the name. renamed it and the problem persisted.

the problem is ocurring in firefox(version 10.0) and chrome(version 17.0.963.46 m), but in IE(version 8.0.6001.18702) this file is being uploaded without problem.

I'm using windows XP professional with service pack 3. Can anyone give me some light on this?

Tks in advance