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I got same problem but I solved.
When we use "UploadProgress" like this:

uploader.bind('UploadProgress', function() {

It means - that I understand - excute function() each file uploaded. So I changed "UploadProgress" to "FileUploaded". It works fine even though I miss understood about "FileUploaded". smile

I tested it on FF, Chrome, IE 6,7,8

Sorry about my english (I can't speak english well)

html4 runtime doesn't load selected files size. All files are 1kb.

Does anyone know why flash runtime makes 4 files / 1 source file? My upload script make own unique file name like "aa.txt" to "aa.txt^38882289827234". When I upload aa.txt files using flash runtime, there are four "aa.tx^xxx" files created in target folder. Do I have to no change the file name? anyone helps me, please.

If I upload text file(.txt) using flash runtime, there are 4 files created in destination directory and all crashed. How can I upload .txt file using flash runtime?