is there an ETA on the next version?

yea i am, as long as they are greater then the 5mb file size.

i just modified the php chunk script to handle files which are under the chunk size (10MB) and send it directly to S3 in 1 peice.

S3 has a part upload feature which you can send pieces between 5MB and 5TB and as long as u give amazon an order to put the pieces back together it has no issue doing it. ( i have tested it successfully with 500MB file)

So i am assuming that this behavior wont be changed?

*in case i didn't understand ( i receive the files on my web server, then i just send the tmp file to S3

is there settings i could change in the flash file to change this to not happen?

I have already reported this as a bug, but want to discuss this incase i missed something. (

Basically when trying to upload many zipz or rar files using the flash run time, it will chunk the file even if its under 10MB, in many cases this is not an issue, but when i need chunks to be the exact size at which they come in because they are stored on amazon S3 and they can not be smaller then 5MB this is important.

Has anyone else noticed this? is it possible i have an outdated flash SWF file? i downloaded it from this site the current version.