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Did you ever get this to work? I'm wanting to do the same thing and any advice you can provide from your experience would be very helpful.



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Thank you so much for responding to all my questions. I really appreciate it!

I have a few questions that I'm not completely sure on, and any direction on them would be greatly appreciated!

1: When is it appropriate to use the chunking feature, and is it recommended even if it's not necessary? Why or why not?

2: If you're using chunking, is it preferable to have lots of little chunks or fewer large chunks? What is a recommended chunk size?

3: It's been said that HTML5 has to load the entire file into memory before it's uploaded. Is this true even with chunking enabled, or does it load each chunk into memory separately as needed?

4: At this point, I can force my users into a certain runtime. Which runtime is the most preferable if I'm expecting files anywhere from 5MB to 800MB?

5: Is there a runtime that works best with chunking enabled?

Thank you again for any suggestions you might have!