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It is vital to me that I have an option to choose a folder from a dialog
Is there any way you can think of that would make that possible?
Forcing users to use drag and drop is a bit complex for some

As the service I'm building is file-hosting center the uploader is going to be the centerpiece of the software..

Is there any way you can think of ?


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Could you please add an option for a folder select button ? (enable not only dropping folders .. )
That would open a folder select dialog
like the one in mega.co.nz

Thanks !

I've written a website in the past using plupload for the uploader , and now I'm opensourcing a major part of the project.

I want to distribute the project under GPLv3 which is incompatible with GPLv2 that you use for plupload .
Any solutions for that issue ?

The project is at https://github.com/DannyZB/jDiskOnline , plupload is under scripts/plupload

From what I understand I cannot distribute GPLv2 code under a GPLv3 project , which is a major issue.

Any help would be appreciated (:

( Yes it's DiskOnline which I posted about here some time ago  ,
I took it down for now , maybe I'll take it up again if my opensourcing of it goes well )

By the way , an example page ( not operational yet  , I'll finish it sometimes next week ):

the plugin would have a no menus/uploader mode for displaying files to users of a website , with the options to turn them on as an admin / allowed user to upload files


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I created a facebook app based on plupload .

The thing is , when opera is used (And the flash backend is loaded ) it just sets itself to take the whole screen (the original upload button is hidden)

What I did is automatically append it a class ".plupload-hidden" which moves it out of view ... So far so good ...

This is the bad news -> when I show the upload button and use uploader.refresh it still takes up the whole screen !
whats up with that?

To top it all it doesn't even work.

http://apps.facebook.com/diskonline - see for yourselves

Say I already have functioning PHP code that gets files in chunks ..
It natively supports resuming damaged uploads

How do I tell plupload to start uploading from a chunk in the middle of the file ?

I'm putting your widget on my website to enable file uploads ..
My files are stored on Amazon S3 , and I still want to use the drag-drop functionality..

As you know , gears blocks cross-domain uploads ..
I created an internal redirect in my apache server so that mydomain/e points to the address of my amazon bucket.

THING IS .. I'm still getting an error :
HTTP error : Upload URL might be wrong or doesn't exist..

I know for a -fact - that the url I stated is right..

Do you know what the problem might be?