Fixed in the main trunk as well. You can check (or perhaps download) the latest version directly on GitHub:


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Very nice implementation I'd say! *thumbs up* smile

Did the solution here: … #issue/159 actually help you to resolve the problem?


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Something as simple as:

window.ondragenter = function() {
    // do whatever change you need    

Should work fine, but it is recommended to do it in more controllable and clean way. You can google for examples or check this one on Mozilla Hacks page: Drag'n Drop & Firefox 3.6 (you will need to launch it in Firefox 3.6+ to actually see the effect). WebKit will need slightly different approach. You could use jQuery or another JS lib for simplicity.

Looks like UI guys substituted ui-button-text-icon class with two others: ui-button-text-icon-primary and ui-button-text-icon-secondary.

Fixed in my version of the trunk.

Yep. Confirmed.

Looks like buttons are affected by stylesheets for jQuery UI 1.8.4 and up. Will look into the problem quickly.