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Here's the basic script that dumps Exif data present in the image: http://play.plupload.com/g6-J_.


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@void-- Orientation tag in that image has value of 1, which mean it doesn't require any manipulation.

@a.york this might be the reason in your case as well.


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Could you please share problematic image?


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What version of Plupload do you use? Also what are the original dimensions of the images in question?

Calculating a checksum on client-side is quite straightforward - you simply need to preload the whole file with FileReader and then do a checksum on the binary array or string (depends on how you preload the file) using the checksum algorithm of your choice (MD5 being the simplest). Now, you can probably write your own implementation of the MD5, but it's probably better to use some existing solution, like the port of PHPs md5 function for example, or  the Spark MD5 which is usually a recommended way to go. We do not ship any checksum calculating facilities with the Plupload, but you can easily precalculate the checksum using above mentioned libraries and then in FileUploaded handler compare it with the one created and sent with the response from your server.

Checksum calculation, especially on client-side is quite a performance consuming operation. While it is possible in general, might be an overkill in most of the cases.

Can you describe your usage case?

Do you always respond with a message of some kind in server-side upload handler? Flash for example is known to fail for empty responses.


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Filing issues and posting examples has always been a bit of pain for Plupload. Mostly because various fiddle sites around the web methodically dropped support for legacy browsers and specifically for IEs. In general this is a good thing, but it became deal breaker for Plupload, since the whole thing about Plupload is supporting those outdated, clumsy and clunky browsers. So we've developed our own playground here: http://play.plupload.com.

Please use the playground every time you want to share an example with someone or are looking to file a bug. Having something to play with - helps.


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Today we release first beta of our third major Plupload version. Beta is there mostly because of the ground up rewrite. The code base was always a bit bloated, so we decided to split it into thematic modules. It is now easier to follow and maintain. We also brought improved flexibility. Both upload and image resizing now have their own queues, that can be controlled separately. Simultaneous uploads of files and more importantly chunks is one of the useful consequences of this rewrite. We are working to update the documentation now, with new options and feature overviews.


Major rewrite (finally split the code into separate modules)
Simultaneous uploads of files and chunks.
Better control on chunks.
Separate queue for image resizing.
Improved quality for client-side image resizing (bilinear resampling).

I'd suggest to upload files to one specific temp directory, then write a backend-code that will move them to corresponding destination directories depending on user information.


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Do you also encounter this problem with Flash runtime?


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Are you using chunking?


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You should adapt your site to new hosting. Talk about it with your developer and hosting administrator.


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You can re-populate, but it's not straightforward. Are you looking to re-upload all the images for every change?

in general UI and Queue widgets are there to meet generic cases. Every time you need something specific, I'd recommend to use Core API instead and come up with your own visual implementation.


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Hm... nobody is expert in Perl here? Maybe you could write it yourself and share with us?

From what you've posted your problem seems to be signature mismatch. Leave alone combining chunks into a single file, are you able to upload anything at all?


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Minor update has been released that contains a fix to the Flash runtime for potential XSS vulnerability.

Update is recommended! Even if you do not use Flash runtime, but still keep Pluploads swf file on the server. Alternatively you can simply delete swf file.

I think you should probably try an absolute url to your upload handler, rather than relative one.

There was a case when server provider was forcefully constraining user from creating files that exceeded particular quota.

I'd recommend you to try on some different server, and see if it makes any difference, 'cause your setup seems ok.


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Are you using one of the widgets? Post your config.


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Plupload doesn't handle server side responses automatically. But you can intercept those messages in upload handlers and display them yourself. If you are using UI widget, we have a special method there: notify. That displays notification in Plupload UI header.


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You can set rename option to true and you will be able to change the file captions by clicking on their titles. New name will be sent with the upload as name parameter. Handling it will be up to you. You can check our upload.php example to see how it can be done in PHP.

Can you also post your config? Or even better, we now have a playground at: http://play.plupload.com. If you could submit your case there, we could test in different scenarios, including different Android platforms.

Are you sure that urls are correct, what does tilde (~) denote in your case?

If you plan to use Queue widget you do not need UI files. It's either one or the other. Also I do not see where you include jQuery - Queue widget depends on jQuery. For some reason there is extra closing </script> under the opening <head> tag.


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On client-side or in the backend?