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- Fix not being able to resize detached blob (created from dataUrl or binary string) that was added via uploader.addFile().
- Consider HTTP status below 200 an error as well (mostly because when connection breaks, HTTP status might be reported as 0).
- Do not set inner global xhr var to null onloadend of any single instance (which caused random errors during the upload).
- Expose whole moxie namespace under `plupload.moxie` (mostly for smooth integration into environments like Webpack).
- Add new filter prevent_empty, which filters out empty files by default, but can be turned off if required.
- Update Russian, Latvian and German language packs.
- Update mOxie to: v1.5.5.

Ouch. Thanks for reporting that.

I don't think we could check for `post_max_size` reliably enough, basically since there might be a backend in a language other than PHP. But I see how one could precheck that condition prior to starting upload with additional ajax request for example.

It is fixed in the current stable version.

@plgalersorry for the late response. I will take a look into it. Is it specifically that user agent or an actual platform matters. What device caused the problem? Does it happen for you on other Android devices?


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Just published 2.3.1.


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Yes, we will. Actually the latest stable version should have been uploaded already. Our omission, sorry.

You probably need to configure selinux accordingly. Not a Plupload originated problem really.

Path is only available for files that were drag and dropped with the folder and is relative at all times (and obviously only available for HTML5 runtime). Absolute path is not provided by the environment for security reasons.

One way to access it in your case would be something like this:



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@mitchstein443 if chunking worked then it was file size limitation on the server. Configuration variables for PHP are usually tweaked from php.ini file.


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ftp is not related - you might have no restrictions on your ftp server, but have some in your web (http) server. Also if your asp uploader is served by IIS and php by Apache - you have separate configs that you have to modify to accept huge files.

You can also try chunking.

Check this thread: http://www.plupload.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=28683#p28683 or there might be much more on the forum.

Also be sure to update to v2.3.1 (since v2.3.0 had an important regression related to chunking that got now fixed).

Maybe your friend updated bucket permission or something? I haven't looked into s3 for some time.


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Marked all NPM dependencies as dev (this will make NPM package so much lighter).
Add BeforeChunkUpload event.
Fix event-based invocation of chunk uploading, where it wasn't possible to unbind from the event properly.
Add new option http_method (basically to support PUT).
Fix bytesPerSec reporting.
Treat extensions in accept option as case-insensitive.
Do not add mime types into accept attribute, when browser can filter by extensions only.
Improved quality for client-side image resizing (bilinear resampling).
Add AMD/CommonJS support via UMD-like wrapper.
Drop mOxie and o namespaces. Majority of helper methods are also accessible from plupload namespace or moxie namespace (yep, there were too many, sorry).
Fix processing of scheme-less URLs, like: //domain.com.
UI: Fix regression where thumbnails weren't scaled when cropped.
UI/Queue: Renaming and removing should be possible for queued files only.
Update Spanish, Polish ans Swedish language packs.
Update mOxie to: v1.5.3.


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Unfortunately there is no way. It is browser limitation. It is possible in Edge though.


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Plupload supports drag and drop, you just need some container on the page that will serve as drop zone and then pass it's id as a value to drop_element option, in Plupload config.


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Plupload doesn't affect files in any way, unless you have client-side resize enabled.

Have you tried to generate hash without Plupload, with CryptoJS only? You could also compare it to the one you generate manually on server and see if they match.


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Are you experimenting on top of the uptodate 3.x branch from github?


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Can't you simply call it on switch?


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There's no such functionality by default, but you could hook onto some of the events that Plupload provides and code any restrictions yourself.

A topic here might be somewhat helpful for everybody looking for the answer for the same question: http://www.plupload.com/punbb/viewtopic … 321#p29321


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I'm not familiar with Vaadin Plupload add-on. Also I'm afraid it is not possible in Plupload. You could drag'n'drop the directory though.

However I should mention that underlying FileInput element does have such capability (see directory option). But the problem there is that the browse_button cannot be a file and a directory picker at the same time. It should be one or the other. That's basically the reason why the feature didn't make it through to the Plupload.

We do not have any property that I could think of, that could help you in this. Maybe you should implement one for yourself in your wrapper.


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You could lowercase the name of the file when you move/rename it to destination folder. It should be happening somewhere right? Be it handled by upload.php or something else.

We do not have a dedicated method to replace the image, sorry. But what you do with removeFile()/addFile() basically does the same thing.


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Cute cat there smile


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Can you zip it and share via file sharing service of some kind?